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The John’s Model United Nations Conference 2022

We at St. John’s Old Boys Association (SJOBA) , unaffected by the uncertainties revolving around us, are determined to bring to you The John’s MUN 2022 where we look to reform mindsets for a sustainable world. With the spirit of “Evolution for Revolution” in mind, The John’s MUN seeks to become the forerunner of tomorrow’s world by bringing a sustainable perspective and making this generation a global one.


The joint effort of our team is to put together a Model United Nation conference for the students, to create awareness among Generation Z about the most pressing issues that have an impact globally. We want to create a generation that focuses on humanity and eliminates differences based on race, caste, stereotypes and culture, and to bring about togetherness among everyone. To be able to learn about different countries, their cultures and their pressing concerns, creates an understanding among children and changes their perspective as they look at people more empathetically. 

To further this belief, we encourage schools and students to actively engage in understanding and solving these real-world challenges. It is our aim to slowly and steadily break down culture barriers whilst also providing children with the opportunity to be educated about different nations and thus groom them for their futures whilst also creating high acceptance among everyone.   

OUR MOTTO FOR THE JOHN’S MUN 2022 IS #EvolutionforRevolution – our aim is to create a generation with the most evolved thinking that will bring them a step closer towards being more humane and compassionate.

The Previous Edition

The John’s Model United Nations Conference 2021 in association with The University of Windsor went on to become a remarkable success by hosting over 200 delegates from across the globe in the year 2021. It was the first International conference of the North Indian region that was organised with the conjoined efforts of the University of Windsor, St. John’s Old Boys Association and Silver Fern Education Consultants.

Participants from all across the country, as well as from international schools, took part in The John’s MUN, 2021. What made the conference unique was that not only did it give the accomplished delegates an opportunity to showcase their highest potential but it also allowed the beginners to learn, grow and acquire confidence in their abilities to study, analyse, and engage in healthy debates. Another factor that made the conference evidently unique was the imminence of its distinguished secretariat and the leadership opportunity it provided to the student secretariat. The John’s MUN 2021 was a 3-day experience full of learning, laughter and growth for everyone who was a part of it in their individual capacities. The conference was also accepted well by our friends in the media as was evident from the coverage of the event by some of the most popular media houses of the nation including The Times of India, The Print, The Hindustan Times, etc.