About The Event

In our persistent quest to provide students with empowering opportunities to grow holistically and give them the exposure to prepare them for a global education, Silver Fern Education Consultants is back with another intriguing contest. A Shark Tank Competition- Ingenious Inventors is being organized on July 23rd, 2022 by Silver Fern Education Consultants, in partnership with Deakin University, Australia at the school campus of the prestigious St. John’s High School, Chandigarh. The vision behind this event is to give the young, bright entrepreneurial minds of our nation a chance of giving an appropriate direction to the ideas originating from their analytical minds.

The contest will be conducted parallel to the second edition of the highly regarded The John’s Model United Nations Conference in association with the University of Windsor, Canada. The MUN will be attended by 300 participating delegates from schools across the country and will also include international delegation. Both the MUN and the Shark Tank will be held parallelly at the school campus of St. John’s High School, Chandigarh.

The contest will include participation from over 100 students in the age group of 14-18 years from across the country giving you an opportunity to popularise itself amongst a group of diverse and quality students. 

The competition aims to provide students with real-world experience pitching their ideas in a particular format provided to them. The ideas will be judged on market opportunity and concept validation of the company idea. The purpose of this ongoing initiative is to create a product or service that can become a profitable business in future.  

Workshop : The workshop will be enlightening the participating young entrepreneurs about “Elevator’s Pitch in Business”, An experienced business professional will be taking up the session to ensure an enticing experience for the participants.

  1. The participants interested to be a part of the event have to fill in an Entry Form for the event.
  2. The registered candidates will  receive an email with necessary information including the guidelines to submit their “Business Idea Proposal” in a particular format along with their credentials. 
  3. All the entries received will go through an extensive screening process.
  4. Out of the lot, only 50 out of the box ideas will be selected and will receive an email  to enrol themselves for the Shark Tank and Business Workshop at the venue. 
  5. The selected participants will receive a detailed invitation for the event and a comprehensive guideline to prepare a final presentation on the basis of which their business idea will be judged by the panel of judges. 
  6. On the day of the event, the sharks will be shortlisting and announcing 10 participants out of 50, who will be given the opportunity to pitch their Business idea through a 10 minute comprehensive presentation. 

NOTE: Please note that every student who registers for the event is supposed to prepare a presentation as the top 10 students who will present their idea in front of the panel will be announced on the day of the event itself. 

  1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize will be taken out post the presentation. 
  2. The top 10 presentation during the event day, will be followed by a workshop on “Elevator’s Pitch in Business” by an accomplished entrepreneur. 
  1. Students from 9th to 12th grade can participate (Age 14-18)


Note: The students passing out from grade 12th in 2021 and 2022 are not eligible to participate in the competition or the workshop.

  1. REGISTER for the contest online: Anyone interested in participating in the competition must register by completing the Entry Form. Only registered contestants will receive the necessary information to complete the submission process. Your registration will only be completed after you make the registration payment. 
  2. A Concept Submission PowerPoint Presentation converted PDF format. The information necessary to submit these items will be sent via Email to those who register for the competition.


The Concept Submission consists of several questions regarding the idea and its viability, such as: 

  • What is your business idea? Elaborate
  • What makes your business unique
  • How will your business idea stand out from the competition
  • What is the name of your business and why did you choose it
1st position : Rs 25000 2nd position: Rs 15000 3rd position: Rs 10000

Note: The registration fee for the Shark Tank and Business workshop is Rs.1000 inclusive GST(18%).

If you do not get selected in the Shark Tank preliminary screening, you still hold the opportunity to attend the exclusive Business Workshop on “Elevator’s Pitch” and spectate your selected peers while they present in front of the shark panel.